May 28 , 2015

Now Is the Best Time for Annual Maintenance of Your HVAC System

Summer is less than a month away and with the weather we have been getting, it looks like it will be a hot one! To ensure that you are comfortable throughout the Summer and into the Winter, we highly recommend scheduling your annual HVAC maintenance.

  Late Spring – early Summer is the ideal time to schedule your maintenance. In the early Spring, dust, debris and pollen collects in the cooling coils of the outside unit, which surround the compressor. If they are not cleaned out properly, the compressor could fail, leaving your family to battle the heat. And as you know – there is no good time to have your A/C fail on you.   Maintaining your unit twice a year is a good way to increase its energy efficiency, which saves you on energy costs. Additionally, it can help prevent costly repairs or the need for a new unit.   To schedule your appointment, call us today at 203-850-7117.

May 19 , 2015

5 Tips to Save Energy This Summer

After the winter we had in New England, we are especially excited for the warmer weather. However, many are not looking forward to the costs of keeping their families cool. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise the comfort of your family to save on energy costs. Instead, use the 5 energy-saving tips below.   Get A/C maintenance. One of the most important things you can do to save on energy costs in the Summer is make sure that your A/C is working optimally. Give our team a call to schedule a maintenance call today!  Cook out – not in. If you’re trying to keep your home cool, then you shouldn’t add heat to it, right? Just like you wouldn’t turn on your fireplace in 80 degree weather, it is suggested that you don’t use your oven. Instead, take the cooking outside and enjoy the grill!   Close the curtains. During the Summer, sunlight can heat up your home. If you have rooms that you don’t use often, close the shades there to prevent sunlight from coming in. Insulated shades are highly recommended.   Seal your home. You may have had your doors and windows sealed, but what about your ducts and thresholds? Full sealing your home can help keep the cold in in the Summer and out in the Winter. It is an investment that will keep paying off year-round.   Check your lighting. This is another energy-efficient tip that can help you throughout the year. If you are still using incandescent bulbs, you are heating up your home every time you are turning on the lights. 90% of the energy produced by these bulbs is turned into heat! Instead, consider using energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs or LED lights.   If you are wondering how you could save on your energy costs, call us today at 203-850-7117.

Apr 22 , 2015

Planning Your Outdoors with New England Total Energy

As you are planning your outdoor space, keep us in mind! We offer a variety of services and products that can help make your outdoors cozy and usable through the Summer.

  Gas Fireplace: One of the outdoor items that has been quickly growing in popularity is the gas fireplace. Powered by propane, this can be a charming addition to your outdoor space. We install a variety of gas fireplaces, as well as provide propane to fuel them.   Heated Pool: If you have a heated pool or are planning to install it, propane is a safe fuel to use to heat your pool. Our team of experts can install the propane tank, as well as maintain it and deliver the fuel.   Grill: The grill is a staple of the outdoors, and we are happy to provide the propane for it! Studies have shown that grilling with propane is healthier and more cost-efficient than charcoal.   To schedule propane delivery or to find out more about our services, call us at 800-260-5954.

Apr 08 , 2015

Why AC Maintenance Is Crucial

You may have thought that Summer will never come, but it is just around the corner! Now is the perfect time to schedule your AC maintenance, so that you can be worry-free when the heat strikes. Below are some of the main reasons why AC maintenance is important:

  1. Repairs. During the winter, your AC system may have endured some damage. Rather than realize this when you need it most, it is best to discover and assess the damage with enough time to fix it. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to replace the system, which can take weeks to complete.
  1. Efficiency. Is your AC wasting 10% - 30% of energy you are paying for? If it is an old system or is not maintained to perform efficiently, it can be. During a maintenance call, our team checks all components of the AC system to ensure that it is working optimally. Additionally, you may want to consider a home energy audit, which will tell you how to further improve energy efficiency in your home. Air leaks, especially, can waste a lot of energy. Once found, our team can seal air leaks in your windows, doors, vents, doorways and other areas in your home.
  1. Air Quality. You may know to change your air filters every 90 days, but do you check your air-conditioner condensate drain? This is one of the areas where mold and algae can form and pollute the air in your home. Our team inspects every part of the system that is prone to collecting mold, dust and other allergy-causing substances.
  1. Comfort. Determining the energy use in your home can help ensure that you don’t have any “refrigerator” rooms. Additionally, installing humidifiers where necessary can further improve the comfort in your home.
  1. Safety. As with any technology, it is crucial to make sure that your AC system is properly hooked up and is running safely. An electrical failure could cause further issues, including damage to your home.
  Give us a call today at 800-260-5954 to schedule your AC maintenance today.

Feb 05 , 2015

5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Comfortable This Winter

One of the best things about winter is ending the day in the comfort of your own home. But what if you were to go home today to a broken heating system? Most likely, the comfort level of your home would decrease. At New England Total Energy, we focus on providing and maintaining the factors of comfort you often don’t think about, including heating system maintenance, air sealing and more. If you haven’t thought about the heating of your home in a while, here are five ways to make your home feel more comfortable this winter: Get a Home Energy Audit. The first step to making your home more comfortable is to fully understand how the energy in your home is being used. A home energy audit, performed by certified auditors, will tell you where you use the most energy, how efficient your heating system is, and how to further improve the comfort of your home. Maintain Your Heating System. One of the issues often found during an energy audit is that the heating system is not running as efficiently as it can. Scheduling a maintenance call is a great step towards improving the efficiency of heating in your home, which can also yield savings. Keep The Hot Air In, The Cold Air Out. Approximately 20% to 30% of air escapes due to leaks. During the home energy audit, it is determined where these leaks are located. To fix the issue, air sealing is highly recommended. To schedule air sealing today, call us at 800-260-5954. Schedule Fuel Delivery. Whether you use oil or propane for your heating needs, we recommend scheduling regular deliveries to ensure that you always have enough fuel. To learn more about our various pricing plans, give us a call. Install a Whole House Generator. One of the most uncomfortable times you can spend in your home is when the power goes out during winter. In addition to being an inconvenience, blackouts can also be dangerous. During blackouts, all wired electronic devices can become inactive, including alarm systems and home phones. Additionally, the heat goes out which can become a detrimental heat concern to individuals with undeveloped or compromised immune systems such as small children and seniors. Installing a whole house generator can help ensure that your family remains comfortable and safe during a blackout. To avoid damage and make sure your unit works properly when you need it, hire a professional generator installer. To learn more or to request a quote, give us a call today!

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