Fuel Services & Energy

Fuel Services and Energy

Pricing and Budget Plans

  • Pricing Plans – New England Total Energy offers their customers a menu of payment plans to meet their needs. All of our plans include automatic delivery, which gives you peace of mind that you will never run out. If you prefer to lock in at a specific price per gallon for the entire year, you should consider our Price Protection Plan and see which of our four price protection plans would best meet your needs.
    • Fixed Price Plan – offers protection against dramatic increases in fuel costs, but does not lower if prices dip.
    • Blended Price – offers you the opportunity to lock into a rate that is 50% fixed and 50% floating (or the daily price).
    • Pre-buy – you can pay 100% upfront for the value of oil we project you will need for the season.
    • Capped Pricing – your locked in rate will never go UP, but it will go down if market conditions do.
    • Read our FAQ about fixed pricing.
  • Our EZ budget plans are a perfect fit for customers who want to have steady monthly payments for the whole year. Because your heating bills are concentrated in just a few months of the year, with some months like January being the higher users, we understand the benefits of leveling out your monthly costs. Call us for more information on your options.