Home Energy Service


Did you know? Over 40% of the energy used in the average home is for heating and cooling!

New England Total Energy (NETE) is a division of New England Total Energy that was established to help our customers better understand how their home uses energy and what they can do to be more energy efficient. Over the past year, we have dedicated resources and staff to the science of building performance, which certifies us to perform home energy audits and services at your home.

Our portfolio of home energy services include:

Our Goal Is Simple – Keep You Comfortable While Saving You Energy Dollars!

With 40% of energy being generated to keep you warm or cool, it is only natural to want to ensure that all the heat (or cooled air) is being used efficiently and not lost through exterior walls or ceilings. That’s what home performance and our job is all about…making sure that all of the potential air leaks are sealed, insulated in the proper areas and your mechanical equipment is running efficiently and safely.

Sealing air leaks and maintaining your heating and cooling equipment at its optimum performance will lead to a more comfortable, healthy home, which coincidently uses less energy, often saving you BIG!

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