Home Energy Service

Rebates, Tax Credits and Financing for Energy Improvements

New England Total Energy understands that making energy efficiency improvements, including new heating or cooling equipment, can require dollars that you may not have budgeted for. In order to help keep your costs down, we keep track of rebates, tax credits and offer financing!

How can you help me reduce the cost of making energy efficiency improvements?
We monitor rebates from our manufacturer partners, utility programs, local stores and other potential sources to provide you with the rebate information you need to make your financial decisions.

Are tax credits available to me for such improvements?
While we cannot guarantee tax credits as they can change, we continuously keep track of state and federal tax incentives that our customers’ improvements may be eligible for.  

Do you offer financing?
Yes. To help you with the associated costs of making your home more energy efficient, we do offer very competitive financing options that will satisfy your budget concerns.

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